Deniro Jackson, commonly known by his stage name, Dollas Up Nero, is a rap artist and entrepreneur from Hayward city. At 29 years-old, Dollas Up Nero is dominating the music industry, thanks to his authentic style of music. His rapping flow is enchanted by the west coast vibe, an approach that is rarely used by other musicians in the game. He strives to sustain his culture by bringing out inherent virtues and beliefs in all his songs. This gives him a reason to live and breathe and an opportunity to remind young talents never to forget their roots. On top of all these, Dollas Up Nero has been disciplined through his endeavors, consequently turning all his abilities into achievements.

A brief background of him reveals a man who struggled to get on top. He has been rolling with the punches, overcoming barriers, and warding off resentment from other people. Through the trenches of poverty, Dollas Up Nero learned the power of self-belief and not just being a dreamer but also a doer. The experiences gave him a story and a reason to write lyrics with a realistic and sincere touch.

Dollas Up Nero is a committed man who sets plans in motions, actualizing all objectives regardless of the competition that more than often distracts upcoming artists. His creativity is unfathomable. The desire to create is one of his deepest yearnings, and he knows this might be the best way to captivate the human soul. He fashions the perfect moment to bring out an idea. What better way than through rapping his heart out to every fan who adores him!

Dollas Up Nero has been busy looking for success in the music business, and his achievements catapulted him to become one of the most committed entrepreneurs. He does his best to play by the rules. But, the difference between him and others is his ferocity. He is the owner and founder of Frostiez, an entity that sells various strains of cannabis and clothing brands from reputable companies around the country. Growing this business was never easy, and Dollas Up Nero was never worried about failing; he had to be right once! Coupling his music career and entrepreneurship reminds him that it is never too late to try new things, prosper, and make a difference in a world that will mostly judge him based on his accomplishments
And now, Dollas Up Nero is working hard to be a rapstar and reputable business person. There are no limits to the things he can achieve! He hasn’t stopped believing, trying, learning, and being grateful!.


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